What You Get

A Free Film Marketing Package That Will Build Your Following, Sell Your Film & Fund Your Next One

Every filmmaker that submits their film to the “I Imagine” film festival gets these FREE benefits:


  • Promotion of their film to our 770,000 social followers
  • Free 12 month listing on the HollywoodFlow film sales and distribution platform
  • Free professional website for their film project (check out the demo site)
  • Tools to help filmmakers build a social media following for their film, promote their film, generate revenue from their film
  • Tools to help filmmakers build their authority, credibility, network and industry presence.

This offer is not just for finalists – it’s for all filmmakers that submit their film to the festival. The cost of submission is $95. There are no other costs. There are no strings attached.

Why All Filmmakers  Need This

Watch the video above or see the transcript below.


Hi I’m Adam Radly. I’m the founder of iimagine and I want to take a few minutes to talk about what we’re doing to make IIFF is the best film festival for filmmakers and how it will change the film festival industry.

Let’s start with a simple question. Why would you submit your film to a FF? If you’re like most filmmakers you want to: 

  • Get some promotion for your film
  • Get some reviews
  • Ideally, get distribution
  • And it would be nice to get just a little recognition

Now, what do filmmakers actually get after they submit their film to a FF? Nothing. 99.9% of films don’t get selected so filmmakers get nothing. And this is what makes us different. Every filmmaker that submits their film to the iimagine FF receives a film marketing package that far exceeds the value of the submission fee. As far as we’re concerned, the days of FF’s taking money from filmmakers and giving them nothing in return are gone.

Now, I want to quickly list what you get when you submit your film then I will talk about why this specific combination of items is critical for all filmmakers.

This is what you get if you submit your film to the iimagine FF:

  • We will promote your film to our 770K facebook followers
  • We will give you a free 12 month listing on the HF film sales & distribution marketplace.
  • You get your own professionally designed movie website in 24 hours [where you just have to replace our demo text and images].
  • You get tools that will help you promote your film on social media [build your own social media media following]
  • Tools that allow you to sell your film and other content from your site on a PPV basis
  • Tools to help you crowdfund your film

And more stuff that I don’t have time to get into. The cost to submit a film to the iimagine FF is $95. If you submit your film you will get everything on that list, totally free. I want to be clear about the fact that this is not a prize for the winners or films that get selected. This is what every filmmaker gets when they submit their film.

Now let’s quickly talk about why this specific combination of items is critical for you as filmmaker. The most important concept that I want all independent filmmakers to understand is the concept of building your own platform – a platform for your film and for you as a filmmaker that is totally under your own control and cannot be taken away from you:

  • Promoting your film to our 770K followers on FB. 99% of films will never see an audience this big so this will be your opportunity to build more interest in your film or to kickstart interest in your film if you don’t have any yet.
  • Free listing on the HF film sales marketplace. This is a marketplace that allows distributors and sales agents to find films where they can buy the rights to various territories and formats. It costs $25 pm or $300 for 12 months but you get it free for 12 months. If you’re trying to sell a film, it’s more likely to be seen in this marketplace than in 99% of film festivals [send out press release about it so that it exists if / when people search for it]
  • Professionally designed website. If you do get interest from a distributor the first thing they will see is your website. You have to ask yourself what they’re looking for. If you have a B grade website – or no website at all – then you know that the distributor will assume you have a B grade film and they won’t go any further.
  • Social media promotion tools. Again, why do distributors look at your social following? They want to know how much interest there is in your film. If it looks like there’s no interest in your film, why would they buy it. Remember that distributors don;t care about whether your film is good or bad. They only care about whether it can be sold. In the meantime, if you don’t end up getting any interest from distributors then you can put your film on platforms like iTunes and that’s when you really need the social following – because these are the only people, beyond your friends and family, that might watch your film.
  • PPV. If you don’t get your film into itunes or one of the other major online platforms you’ll be able to use the PPV feature on your own website to allow your social followers to pay you directly to watch your film. Then, they can talk about it on social which results in more people watching your film and so it goes.
  • Crowdfunding. You can also use your social following to crowdfund the rest of your film or your next film. If a site like Kickstarter doesn’t approve your film you need to be able to run your own crowdfunding campaign on your own website otherwise you’ll never get any funding.
  • So in summary, this is how you can use the film marketing package:
    • Plan A: A distributor finds your trailer on the HF film sales marketplace and it leads them to your website. Your professional website gives them confidence so they look at your social presence. They see interest in your film and buy it. You celebrate then use your social following and the crowdfunding tools to fund your next film.
    • Plan B. There’s no interest from distributors so you setup your film on the major online platforms like itunes then you promote it your social following so you can generate some revenue and concurrently promote your crowdfunding campaign for your next film.
    • Plan C: Itunes won’t accept your film or it’s too expensive or time consuming to get it onto itunes so you promote your film to your social following and they watch it on a PPV basis on your own site and you  concurrently crowdfund your next film. Most filmmakers go straight to
    • Plan D: submit your film to a regular FF and get nothing.
  • This marketing package doesn’t just help you with your current film. When you’re done with your current film, you can use this big machine to do exactly the same thing for your next film – only this time you won’t have to build it from scratch. Build it once, benefit for ever, you control everything.

So, why is the IIFF the best FF for filmmakers? The reality is that you get more from the IIFF for simply submitting your film than you do for being an official section of 99% of other FF’s.

I hope you can see that we’re taking the lead and doing everything we can help filmmakers succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world AND, most importantly, you don’t have to win anything for us to help you. Use the links below this video to submit your film or to check out the FAQ’s. I look forward to welcoming you into the iimagine family and meeting you in New York.