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The episode commences with Glenn and Angel discussing:

the Yiddish term “schtupping”, their Lost Vegas hockey weekend, what future Angel has been doing ( maybe maybe not minimum of which can be “free-balling”) given that they may be back Savannah, the way the Chiclana’s dogs got their names, fortune snacks additionally the origins for the “Name of My Sex Tape” bit, Angel and Connor’s first jam session, along with other folderol. Then we observe: PK’s background, exactly how PK and GK came across, why her Facebook persona she created lost 1 / 2 of its followers, judging women’s viewpoints vs men’s, her masculine power, why this woman is the “bottom” on her behalf spouse, her globe travels, why it really is amazing that we now have any straight females left, her relationship history as being a “trained heterosexual”, her spiritual history and her time as a “Metho-Cath”, how she now defines her sex, the conventional indigenous reverence for “two spirits” tribe members, those who state they are not interested in folks of various events, her very own homophobia as a new individual, who have a tendency to become masturbation addicts, just how many times males should ejaculate month-to-month and exactly why, being “tight and right”, her past “hyper-sexuality”, her two heterosexual marriages, just just exactly how she came across her spouse, her applying for grants their neighborhood Pride occasion, her typical love of baseball with all the Coach, Glenn’s “Mt. Rushmore” of Dawn, their Kids Steve Moe, Jenn Everson Lueders, plus a lot more (contrary to popular belief). The Post Game includes music from Angel Gabriel’s commitment to PK of an Amos Lee address and June Carter and Johnny money. It ain’t planning to be boring.

Effective and adult that is poignant, understanding, humor and spirituality. NSFW or kiddies. A percentage of most profits donated to fight sex that is human trafficking and genital mutilation.

#239 – Reinventing Yourself with Kyle DeSpiegler

L . a . Actor, Musician, Photographer, budding Nurse (and another of Glenn’s “boys”), Kyle Despiegler makes a dazzling splash in the Pews.

This amazing and fun episode commences because of the Coach making use of Donald J. TrumP as a prime illustration of an individual who reinvented himself, describing exactly just exactly what notifies their politics, and exactly why you need a “want-to” so that you can do just about anything. Then we observe: exactly how Kyle rescued their pet Monkey and exactly why it got that moniker, their very very first intimate experience with the Klein’s house in Isaac’s bunk-bed, Nelg’s effective 2016 election forecast plus the nicknaming of y our special guest’s package, Kyle’s very first knowledge about cannabis, his very early sex-life, why he could be transitioning from the hospitality industry to medical, his acting job like the lead role when you look at the film “Night Sweats”, their relationship’s development, Episode 70 Six Pillars’ Decompression Chamber, the prospective for CGI movie intercourse scenes, the television show “Barry” and Kyle’s doppelganger Bill Hader, Kyle’s reinventing process, why he decided to get into medical, why you can’t fail after your heart, exactly just how Kyle’s imagination has grown since choosing to be an RN, plus a sh%t ton more! The Post Game Show includes music through the Police and Sting. It ain’t planning to be boring.

Effective and poignant adult content, understanding, humor and spirituality. NSFW or young ones. A percentage of all of the proceeds donated to combat individual intercourse slave trafficking and genital mutilation.

#238 – particulars of Intercourse with Taylor Rad

Vermont Human Enthusiast Taylor Rad returns within the Pews for starters free-wheeling time of conversational sex.

The episode commences with Glenn speaking about armed forces humping and a man that is british destroyed their penis due to disease and that has a unique one growing on their supply. #truestory Then Taylor and Glenn start their sex on subjects such as for instance: the brand new Pews’ sound effects, her experience with Montreal and a “jiggle joint” when she was “straight”, his amount of time in Quebec City with soft porn and baseball, a great interaction mentoring minute, most readily useful and worst tippers, the origination of RECOMMENDATIONS, “The Millionaire Next Door”, the impact of this present state of culture on relationships, her aspire to be “a relaxed and nurturing force”, “America’s unique type of selfish”, her perception of Glenn finding as self-righteous and flippant particularly concerning the pandemic and their response, Henry Kissinger and “power being the greatest aphrodisiac”, the old “Skin Bracer” commercial, exactly exactly just how she along with her fiancée have actually adjusted to these stressful times, just exactly how she started her very own mindfulness training at 23 yrs old, plus much more! It ain’t planning to be boring.