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Kids love the digitized stylus for hours of writing and drawing fun

Chromebooks with an 11.6-inch screen are highly portable. Bigger screens make the device bulky but can deliver an incredible quality of images and videos. Are Chromebooks good for students? Chromebooks are absolutely good for students. The touchscreen version comes with Corning Gorilla Glass screen, which has ten times greater scratch resistance than standard touchscreen panels. A few users encountered software and hardware issues that were limited to their device. AUE should not be a concern for children who will use the device for multimedia consumption purposes. However, children using it for school projects and extensive educational work may be impacted. The hinge is designed to flip the screen flat and fold the device to use it as a tablet. Despite the compact shape, the laptop comes with several essential features such as a USB-C port, an HD webcam, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Moreover, the Intel processor makes it great for multi-tasking. Intel Celeron N3060 processor.

The processor may come across as underpowered. Some users reported the device to be slow and good enough for internet browsing but not complicated multitasking. Moreover, the anti-glare screen keeps kids’ eyes from turning dry and red. 11.6? HD anti-glare LED-backlit display. For the same price as a 32 GB SSD, you can go out and get a hard drive storage option in terabytes. What makes Chromebooks so attractive, despite their lower storage capacity than Windows PCs, is that almost everything is online.

However, for what it is, it needs to be both. The absolute best function added when you have a touchscreen is the artistic aspect and the Google Pixelbook makes sure that function is absolutely maximized. The backlit keyboard makes it convenient to type in low-light conditions. Some buyers felt that the build quality of the laptop could have been better. They are good for students because they can use the Chromebooks to learn, especially, for documents such as docs, word, excel from Google Drive. These can be performed quickly by using online and offline Google Drive synchronization.

You can’t download additional programs outside the browser, so accidentally downloading a virus is much less commonplace. Even if your kid does happen upon a malicious extension, it is by and large going to be eliminated before you ever encounter it. Cost: Est. $195. Lenovo Ideapad 11? HD LED-Backlit Chromebook Laptop. Google Chrome OS. HD webcam.

Acer Gray 15.6-inch Premium Chromebook PC. This Chromebook presents a strong entry with 2GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory and a 16GB solid state drive. The ten-hour battery life provides enough power to keep the laptop running through the kid’s day. The Chromebook comes with a USB 3.0 port, which allows for faster data transfer when compared to standard USB 2.0 ports commonly found in most laptops. How To Choose A Chromebook For Children? Consider the following list of features when shopping for a best Chromebook. Whatever model you can choose, you will not choose badly with one of the models in this list. These are all incredible laptops that are among the best on the market.