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hey this is stefan from projectlifemastery.com and in this video i want to talk to you about how to write a book because i get this question a lot now I’ve written a few of my own books I’m also a blogger and a writer at project life master comm and I’ve also helped a lot of writers and authors to be able to write their books publish them and do very very well with it and somebody out come with this video is able to help you get started to write your own book but not just get started but to also finish it because that’s the ultimate goal the ultimate goal is for you to complete your book so that you can publish it you can get it out there you can start making money from it you can have an impact and you can have your message be heard you don’t want your message to diet your lips and unfortunately I see that happen time and time again with many authors and aspiring authors out there so I want to make sure that that doesn’t happen to you I see a lot of authors they get started on writing the book and sure enough they don’t finish it they make writing a book to be this ginormous task in their mind and they procrastinate they’re a perfectionist and it never gets done so I’m going to share some tips and strategies with you in this video that can help you to actually write your book and actually finish it now I think one of the biggest hurdles that a lot of authors and writers have is that they make writing a book to be this big task it’s just this ginormous thing in their head that’s just so overwhelming for them that they don’t even know how to get started with it you know it’s almost like this mountain that they have to climb and it’s unachievable it’s unattainable and any time you look at anything in that big of a perspective that big of a way then the chances of you actually doing it getting started and actually finishing it are slim to none so I want to invite you to look at things in a bit of a different way to have a different perspective a different mindset on this because from my experience 80% of success is psychology and only 20% are the mechanics I heard that from Tony Robbins and when you change the way that you look at things the things that you look at change so I want to invite you to look at it in a different way I want to invite you to take this big task of reading a book and instead chunking it down into smaller more achievable pieces because when you look at a book all a book really is is a series of chapters and when you start to look at it that way it’s just a series of chapters and all of a sudden becomes a lot more achievable doesn’t it it becomes a lot easier for your mind to wrap your head around and to get started on it you know writing a chapter is a lot easier than writing a book and you know one thing that has really helped me because I do a lot of blogging and writing is I look at a chapter as just a blog post an article and when I look at it that way you know maybe a blog post for me it might be a couple hundred words for a couple thousand words when I look at it that way I think hey you know what I blog all the time I can write an article I can write a blog post that’s not that hard and that could be a chapter and so that’s just another perspective another way of looking at this big thing and making a smaller if you were to chunk it down even further though you can look at a chapter as just a series of paragraphs you know how hard is it to write a paragraph you know that all of a sudden it becomes a lot easier for you to actually stomach and actually get yourself to do a series of paragraphs is just a series of sentences and a series of sentences is just a bunch of words and a bunch of words or just a bunch of letters and so when you break it down into smaller bite-sized steps it becomes a lot easier for you to actually do this and I think that’s a very important thing now a lot of authors and writers they also procrastinate and I think that’s most of the process most of the delay that a lot of authors have and actually completing their book you know they have this goal of writing a book maybe you get started you write a little bit of it but you procrastinate to finish it because again you’re making it so big another strategy that’s really helped me to get myself to take action and do it is beginning to link pain to not doing it so first let’s look at what what procrastination is procrastination is when you know you should do something but you don’t do it and the reason that you don’t do it is because you link and associate pain to doing it you know maybe in your mind you make it too big too overwhelming too much work too much effort too much time that’s all pain you when the more you link pain is something the chances of you doing it are very slim and not because human beings will do almost anything to avoid pain you know we don’t like pain it’s not until you know if you have a project that’s due or this book that’s do you always get it done in the last minute because all of a sudden the pain of not doing it far exceeds the pain of actually doing it and so that’s when it kind of reverses itself procrastination so what you need to do in order to get yourself to you know be motivated and overcome that procrastination and start to link and associate pain to not doing it to not completing the book and taking action on it and so I have a few questions for you that are designed to help elicit some pain pain is a good thing if you can use it and channel it to take action you know we all experience pain in their lives you know it’s not a bad thing the point here is is to get yourself a little bit disturbed a little bit unsatisfied so that you get up leverage on yourself so that you get that threshold to actually do something and write the book so let me ask you and I want you to be honest why is it a must for you to write this book why is it a must for you to write this book why is it important for you to write this book why is it important for your potential readers your audience out there to write this book what is it going to cost you in your life if you don’t write this book if you don’t get your message out there if you’re not heard what does it already cost you in your life was it going to cost you just your overall happiness how you feel about yourself how you feel about your life your relationships with others your pride your self-esteem what is it going to cost you in the future it’s going to cost you in five years ten years from now if you’re still stuck in this position that you are right now of either not getting started or not even finishing it what is that going to cost you and again the more honest you can be the better because you want to feel some pain you want to get a little bit pissed off you want to get a little bit disturbed because that’s creating leverage on yourself the problem is most people they don’t have enough of reasons to actually follow through to actually take action you know 80% of success is psychology but the way of saying that is 80% is why to do something and only 20% is the hell if you have a strong enough why enough reasons to do it and it’ll you know it’s actually real for you then that will pull you towards writing your book every day and getting it done you know so having those reasons having that motivation and associating pain to not doing it is what’s going to allow you to take action another question that I have for you is what’s going to be the benefit in the gain of writing this book what’s the pleasure that you’re going to get from it as well how’s this going to change your life how’s this going to change other people’s lives if you can start to associate pain to do our pain to not doing it and pleasure to actually doing it writing your book then that’s what’s going to again pull you to do it so I want you to be honest with those questions and that’s just kind of another tip another strategy to help you overcome that procrastination I’m not going to talk too much more about that but that’s just a tip that has helped me and it can work for anything in your life not just writing a book okay now another tip that I have for you and you know I’m sure you’ve already experienced this that holds a lot of people back is they get writer’s block they start writing or they can’t even get themselves they start writing because they’re not in the right state and what happens when you write I found that you almost get you know when you’re successful at writing something you get immersed in it and you get this flow state you get into this state where everything just kind of flows through you and you get these insights these ideas and it’s almost effortless and when you can get yourself in that state when you’re writing you have a lot of power and you get momentum as well where time disappears or five or ten hours might go by and you’re like oh my god and written so much being able to access that state on a consistent basis is your power to be able to write your book and there’s a few strategies that I have to get yourself into that state one thing that I have I can’t give them all to you in this video but one thing is just having a ritual before you write having a ritual you know I have a morning ritual that I’m passionate about you know share this on my youtube channel and everything as well but I have a ritual before I coach someone before I create a video before I right and I put myself into a peak State or whatever state that I need to be in to be able to have the best impact possible and there’s a few things that you can do to get yourself in that state before you write you know one thing that has worked for me is just going for a walk engaging your body in some way exercising maybe it’s meditating doing something to get yourself out of your head so that you can eliminate all those thoughts all those distractions that you have in your head and you can free up your mental RAM to be able to focus at the task at hand and focus is very important and also when you’re writing to you I’ll mention that you don’t want to have any distractions you want to eliminate your cell phone the you know Facebook email other people that are around you you want to be in a place where you can focus and get that momentum going you know studies show that if you get into that peak state into that flow state and then you get interrupted you get knocked out of it it takes at least 20 minutes for someone to get to get back to that peak of that state so that’s why it’s very important to not be interrupted in any way so that you can allow yourself to remain in that flow state okay very very important thing so being into that flow state is very important having a ritual that you do one thing that I also do as well is I ask myself questions you know I ask myself why is this important why is this a must for me you know you know why is why do I care about the person that’s going to read this what’s my outcome what’s that what’s the difference what’s the impact that I really want to make and I just answered out loud that’s right answering it I get excited I get into even better state and you know sure enough it allows me to get motivated and actually write a lot better as well so using your body using your focus having a ritual being proactive before you write not just being a reactive if you just if you’re staying there for hours you can’t get a sentence out then you need to stop what you’re doing you need to go outside go for a walk you need to change your state because when you get into different state you can come back and you could do that writing effortlessly easily so changing your state is very very important getting into that flow state and learning your triggers and how to get yourself there another thing that can help you with writer’s block as well as something that I heard from an author which is that you want to write the waste bin meaning that when you write you want to almost write with the intention that this is just going to go into the trash and what that does is that just kind of releases all that pressure that you put on yourself because you know if you’re a perfectionist and you’re writing and you know all that sentence wasn’t good enough you’re going to rewrite it again and again and again that’s inhibited inhibiting you from actually completing this task that’s the whole perfectionist mentality of that word isn’t writer that sentence or that structure isn’t perfect and sure enough that prevents you from actually getting into that flow state and getting momentum so right for the waste bin right with an attitude that this is not going to be perfect because nothing is you know another tip that I have from Dan Kennedy who’s a successful author and a speaker a coach and entrepreneur and marketer as he says he has something called the 80% approach and he actually has a book called the 80% approach any viscous as that you know you can never do anything 100% hundred-percent is perfect and last time I checked no one’s perfect so when you strive for a hundred percent you’re basically you know doing something that is just unattainable for anybody out there it’s going to drive you insane so the 80% approach means that really that the the value and the meet in anything is in the first 80% and so he says you want to strive just to do 80% 80% is good enough and yes you could always make things better and prove it over time but just aim to do 80% that’s a very important thing so oftentimes when I write I’m making spelling errors my sentences don’t make sense whatever but I’m just trying to get into that flow I’m just trying to express my ideas my thoughts onto paper onto a computer screen and I’m just trying to get it out of me and I don’t care how it looks how it sounds but I’m just kind of doing a mental mind dump and you know just kind of trying to capture all the thoughts and ideas that I have in this writing it out the best that I can and one thing that’s helped me with that as well another tip is using a timer I like to use a timer a stopwatch and I’ll be like hey I have an hour and I have to write as much as I can on this chapter in an hour and sure enough they’ll get a chapter done but it might sound horrible but then you can just go back and improve it make it you can you know that’s just a draft you can have other people look at it make it better as well but at least just when I have that sense of urgency I get a lot done and so that’s another really powerful tip that I have as well for that so I’ve given you a bunch of things and this might be a little bit scattered for you but a lot of strategies and tips that have really worked for me in writing a book and I should covered a lot of psychology because again I think the mindset the psychology is the most important thing in terms of the actual structure of writing a book one thing that’s worked well for me is having an outline and so I map out ahead of time what this book is going to look like you know what are the chapters going to be how many chapters are there going to be what’s my oakum what do I want to accomplish by writing this book and when you break it down and kind of again you chunk it down into all the different chapters chapter one is going to be on this chapter two is going to be on this chapter three is going to be on this I have a map doh and then I write down in each chapter what are all the most important things that I want to cover in this chapter what do I have to say about this what are examples that I want to use what are stories I don’t want to share what are all the points the distinction is that I want to make and I’ll just kind of put them there in bullet point and when you have that outline that’s a lot easier for you to now start writing with because now you can just look at the outline of chapter one and you can just get started writing it and so having an outline ahead of time is very very important because if you’re just trying to go from scratch and you don’t have everything mapped out in that way then it’s going to be very challenging for you also so make sure that you have an outline in place and a great thing with that as well is that you know maybe you have certain bullet points in each chapter well you can now go and research when it comes to writing that chapter all the things that you want to say about it you can look online you can get different quotes and different ideas and you know all this other stuff out there by researching and then include that in the chapter as well so hopefully that makes sense for you now I’ve shared a lot with you on how to write a book hopefully this has been useful for you I also want to share with you I have a great online course a video course called how to write a book in less than 24 hours and you can learn more about that at 24 our book calm okay WW 24 hour book calm I’ll have a link below but if you want to actually get over that procrastination be able to write a book and a fast period of time doesn’t have to be in 24 hours I’ve done it in 24 hours but other people can take a little bit longer than that it’s totally fine but the point of the program is to help people get started to actually write their book and actually finish it and I have a lot of cool tips and strategies like this that can help you actually complete your book so I want to invite you to check that out as well but hopefully you enjoyed this video and hopefully it will help you be able to write your book take action and actually get it done so I’m going to thank you again for watching this I want to invite you to subscribe for more videos like this as well and I’ll talk to you soon bye you