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Selections For 2017

The Performance

Director/Writer : Miao Hao
Producer : Dawn Han
Key Cast : Thomas Leverton, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Jonathan Rentler, Egle Petraityte, Jeremiah
Wenutu, Jamie Keohane, and Douglas Antonio Robbs.
USA (English) 2017, 7 minutes and 53 sec.

Description: A story about a starving artist faints on the ground at a gallery opening reception. Unexpectedly, no one in the gallery helps him out but enjoys watching his fainting in an absurd way.


All Of Me

Director : Daphne Schmon
Writer : Emily Carlton
Producer : Jemma Moore
Key Cast : Chereen Buckley
United Kingdom (English) 2017, 14 minutes and 20 sec.

Description : Viv, a talented musician, faces late stage Leukemia that threatens the life she’s built. Her best hope is a bone marrow transplant from her estranged
family, but reconnecting means confronting a difficult past


Director/ Writer/ Producer : Alberto Nacci
Key Cast : Paola Milzani, Caterina Comeglio, Eelena Biagioni, Simona Zambetti
Italy (English) 2017, 6 minutes

Description: Seventh short film of the Body & Sound series by Alberto Nacci on the relationship between musicians and their musical instruments. A b/w film on the relationship between body and voice with the collaboration of the vocal quartet Leg’gio with Paola Milzani, Caterina Comeglio, Elena Biagioni and Simona Zambetti.

When The Dust Settles

Director : Glenn Sweitzer, Dave Molesworth
Producer : Sue Anne Wells, Glenn Sweitzer
United States (English) 2017, 45 minutes

Description : This film shows how the struggle of wild horses mirror those of disadvantaged girls,resulting in an earned trust when they’re given opportunity to prove their worthiness to the world.

$30 to Antartica

Director/Writer : Joey Chu
Producer : Kelly McKay
Key Cast : Ka Foo Chau, Ka Ling Chow, Ka Shing Chow, Ka Tak Chow, Yin Ping Chow, Ruth Yuet Sin Lam, Paula Cgau Mui Wang, Kin Wah Chu, Yuk Lau Lee
Hong Kong & Antartica Peninsula (Cantonese) 2016, 18 min 26 sec

Description: $30 To Antarctica follows the story of Ka Foon Chau, who grew up an impoverished child, and retired a renowned doctor. Raised in 1960s Hong Kong, Chau faced the bias of her elders who attempted to discourage her interest in the academics. Through a small gesture of support she received from a teacher, Chau built a life and career that moved beyond the restrictive boundaries set by her parents’ generation.

Dogtown Redemption

Director : Amir Soltani, Chihiro Wimbush
Writer : Amir Soltani
Producer : Delnaz Abadi, Geralyn White, Abou Farman, Rick Lasque, Saeed Naisiri, Regina Kulik Scully, Khosrow Semnani, Zachary Stickney, Ray Telles, Chihiro Wimbush, Jamie Wolf, Denise Zmekhol
Key Cast : Landon Goodwin, Hayok Kay, Jason Witt
United States (English) 2015, 1 hour and 34 min

Description: A surprising number of Americans make their living off America’s vast rivers of trash. These are America’s unseen. Dogtown Redemption tells the story of one river, and the humanity of its inhabitants in Dogtown, West Oakland. We follow the lives of three recyclers. Through them, we are introduced to the art, science, economics and politics of recycling: what it offers, how

Alive and Kicking

Director : Susan Glatzer
Writer : Susan Glatzer, Hedi Zimmerman
Producer : Jason Blum, Paola Di Florio, Susan Glatzer, Martha G. Little, John W. MacDonald,
Peter Rader, Robert Rippberger, Hedi Zimmerman
Key Cast : Hilary Alexander, Evita Are, Kimberly Clever
United States, (English)  2016, 1 hour and 28 min

Description: Alive and Kicking gives the Audience an intimate, insider’s view into the culture of the current swing dance world while shedding light on issues facing modern society.