Selections For 2014


Director: Adam Radly
USA (English) 2014, 68m

Description: Face Of Unity is the definitive Nelson Mandela documentary feature and first retrospective to be released since the president’s death in late 2013.
It includes a never before seen speech where Mandela outlines the groundwork for peace and reconciliation to future generations.

The piece also includes tributes to Nelson Mandela from President Barack Obama, Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Nicklaus, George Lucas, Ray Charles, Morgan Freeman, and two former Australian Prime Ministers, among others.


Director: Giordano Cossu
USA/ Rwanda (English sub) 2014, 36 min
I Imagine Impact Listing:

Description: Rwanda, twenty years on: former genocide killers and survivors live together once again in former or newly built umudugudus (villages). Haunted by their past and fearing an uncertain future, how is life together, when your neighbor is the one who killed your family?

On the 20th anniversary of the genocide, it tells the story of Rwandan’s struggle to rebuild their lives, bridging the past, present and the future. It aims to show how individual challenges reflect those of the entire community: stories of reconciliation, but also of inner conflicts that spread and sometimes grow stronger.


Director: Rai Shlemberg
USA/Israel (English sub) 2014, 22m

Description: Avishai, a Israeli solider out on a look out post in Nablus, becomes entangled between his passion for music and the danger of getting involved with a Palestinian musician family. The risk of being caught by his commander does not deter him; it is just the reality in which he lives that undermines his dream.